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How to sell the electricity generated by my solar power system?

With every watt of electricity that is generated by your solar system and consumed directly in your house, you save money because you do not have to buy this electricity from your power distributor. Therefore, it makes sense to use as much electricity as possible during the day when the panels are generating electricity. Most energy providers offer the consumer a built-in fee (feed into the grid) as payment for excess energy that is generated and fed back into the grid. The amount paid for each KiloWatt hour of electricity may vary between energy retailers. 


Retailers offer a variety of plans with different tariffs for buying back electricity. Choosing the best plan for your circumstances can be a minefield. This is why it's important to contact an LG Authorized Installer or call your power distributor and ask about your solar power tariff. In some regions, not all electricity traders pay for the electricity you return. The feed rate for the exported energy is an important consideration when choosing the size of the solar system to buy. 


Your local LG solar installer can advise you on the energy dealer who can supply the best electricity rate. Consider switching energy dealers if you can get a better electricity rate from another energy company. 


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