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Are new solar systems battery ready?

“Battery ready” can mean a lot of things. Technically you can add batteries in the future, however this may not be easily done, or with the functionality that many people will be expecting.

If you want a system that is ‘battery ready’ then you need to get a system with a hybrid solar inverter that is also compatible with your favourite battery brand. The hybrid solar inverter converts both the solar panels’ and the batteries’ DC power to AC, and handles all the battery control and switching functions. These hybrid inverters are much more advanced than a standard solar inverter, and so they are more expensive. 

The main advantage of getting a truly ‘battery-ready’ solar system is that when the time comes to add batteries, you can plug them directly into your existing inverter, without any additional equipment or associated costs.

Should you invest in Solar Storage now or wait?

It is true that solar has become cheaper over time, so the temptation may be to wait until battery systems are widely available. However, even if a solar power system drops (for example) $500 in purchase price over the next year, you may be missing out on $1,000 in electricity bill savings in the meantime and crucial information you’ll need to base an energy storage purchase decision on. 

Our recommendation is to get a quick quote on a battery-ready system to work out the best decision for your circumstances. Whether you’re a solar owner wanting to add batteries soon or a potential solar panel buyer with a dream of energy storage, it’s important to get the right advice. Smart Energy Answers offers a wide range of competitively priced next-generation battery systems from the world’s leading manufacturers, installed by knowledgeable, experienced solar storage professionals. Feel free to contact us now at 1300 732 679 or Get a Quote Today