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Is my roof suitable to install solar panels?

Before you decide to get your Solar Panels installed on your roof, the common questions customers always ask is “Is my roof suitable to install solar panels?”. The easiest roofs to install with solar panels are metal roofs, whether conventional up to 25 degrees or flat. Tile roofs are fine as long as the tiles aren't too old and brittle. 


Slate roofs can have solar power, but they are more difficult and usually cost a little more. Asbestos roof installations are not recommended, and it is highly recommended that the asbestos shingles or sheets be changed first before installing the solar system. One-story houses are more accessible than two-story roofs, but plumbers can install systems in addition. 


Trees near the roof can cause problems with shade, as well as leaves and branches covering the panels and causing leakage. Microinverters can offer an advantage in shady situations by regulating the power of each panel individually.


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