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Can I store the energy my solar system generates?

Most of the solar systems in Australia are connected to utility poles, cables, and businesses connected to the grid. This means that excess solar power is fed back into the power grid. If the energy demand is higher than the solar production, the network automatically absorbs the difference. Solar batteries can be added to solar panels to maximise the energy generated by the solar panels by storing it. The energy stored can then be distributed throughout the home when there is limited to no sun or during peak times of electricity usage. Solar batteries are generally lithium or lead-acid chemicals and add a significant overhead to the cost of a solar system in most Australian states. Solar batteries lower energy costs however, it is marginal for additional financial savings to cover the cost of the battery before it fails after 8 to 15 years.


Many households are already buying solar batteries to be more independent. Most solar battery systems provide a backup facility for power outages. Off-grid or standalone solar power systems are common in remote areas where there are no poles or wires connecting the home.The hardware technology required to be fully self-sufficient is more complicated than a simple grid-tied battery and solar system. 


The solar batteries offered by Smart Energy Answers are;

  • Tesla Powerwall 2
  • Alpha-ESS Battery Storage
  • Sungrow-Samsung PowCube 4.8
  • LG Chem Resu10H
  • SonnenBatterie Eco
  • SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid


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